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Monday, July 18, 2016

You'll Never Guess What Came Back...This Means War!

Tahitian Sunset - Enough Said
In My Bed
In My Suitcases

Hello everyone,

This week the ants restarted the war. As you all know, these vicious creatures have infested my: shirts, pants, helmet, bike, proselyting bag, and now: my bed and suitcases :(

This week though was a good week! Elder Paulsen and I were crazy busy in our sector and all over the island! We unfortunately had to say goodbye to Sister Olsen in our zone, but, we got Sister James! Who is another Sister from my MTC Promotion! Awesome to see her again!

This week, we also went with Elder Lasson and Elder Ivie to celebrate their 1st baptism fixed! When it is accomplished in September, it will be their branch's first baptism of the year! Congrats!!!

Lastly, this week was just full of miracles. Always a miracle when a 80+ year old adventist papi comes to church and is making progress to baptism!!!

Culture Shock: So, apparently Energizer and Duracell switched mascots? I thought Energizer was the bunny and Duracell was the battery... I guess I am a little behind on the times, but, I guess that's what I get for being on a mission, in the middle of the ocean...

Funny Moment: Definitely will go to pizza night with all of the Elders on Raiatea! A reward for Elders Lasson and Ivie for fixing a new baptism!
Elders' Night!  Definitely had a blast eating pizza with Elder Paulsen, Elder Lasson and Elder Ivie
Spiritual Thought: In one of our lessons this week, Elder Paulsen and I were explaining to an investigator that to see all the world has to offer, you need to go to Christ. How can you see the "colors of the world" (his term) in the dark works of Satan? Christ is the light, and only through His Gospel can we see the colors that the world has to offer. During the lesson, Elder Paulsen and I, not planned before, shared a scripture. I was talking and asked to turn to Alma 41:10. I looked over, and Elder Paulsen was already there, and we could tell by looking into the others' eyes that the Spirit was guiding us.

Search the Colors of the World in the Christ!

Elder Garff

This on eis for J.J.: We went on a hike as a district, and look who we saw destroying the town!
Our District Spelling Out RAROMATAI - Don't Judge!
The District!
Had a craving for vinegar!  One of the only times I have been able to eat Salt & Vinegar chips!!!!!:D

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