Elder Josh Garff

Monday, September 12, 2016

Huahine, Tahiti AND GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice panorama of Huahune huh?!
"I am a missionary and I live in Tahiti, this place is oh the jolliest that you have ever seen. Our missionaries are the fairest and each one is a shining star, we'll fight for our dear Lord for missionaries we are!"

As you can see, I have been thinking a lot about the Utah vs. byU game, and congrats to the Crimson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stopping byU with 18 seconds to go on a two point conversion!!!!! I wish I would have seen the game! I asked President Bize if I could watch the game, and he said yes... I could watch the one next year...

But, here, this week was really awesome! We started by taking an airplane and doing a split with the Elders at Huahine! Sister James, the Sister Training Leader, also went with us to do splits, so we technically went on a split with her :) It was awesome to see Elder Cooley and Sister Kelsey again! Mini MTC reunion :) Also, always good to see Elder Fawson and Sister Noble :)
Mini MTC Reunion
The MTC again!  Josh, Elder Cooley, Sister James, and Sister Kelsey!
After, we took a flight to Tahiti to go to leadership council. It was awesome and it was great going in with a great report for our zone! All of our missionaries have worked hard and the Zone of Raromatai is doing well!
A Huahine "Split" with Sister James on the airplane:)
After, we had a party to celebrate our triumph of the last zone goal (average of 10 lessons with a member for 3 weeks), then worked until we collapsed this week. Needless to say, the "semaine de ballad" was a tiring but good week!
Elder Piazza.  As we would say here: KO
"Everybody's got a Pondering Place", and I found one on the airplane this time:)
Funny Moment: Pictures and detailed description are not included, but it was fun watching Elder Cooley do the Tahitian Dance!
Culture Shock: As missionaries, we do splits with a lot of Elders, I had the chance to go on a split with Elder Ford :) Don't worry, I didn't sell him.
Josh with Elder Ford
Spiritual Thought: This week I have been thinking a lot about gratitude. In all of our trials, we have a tendency to complain, not to thank. In a talk by President Uchtdorf, he said that we need to be grateful in our circumstances, not because of our circumstances. A great example is the Jaredites. Ether 6: 9-12 we can read that they were tossed in the sea in little boats, with little air and light, and had probably the roughest 344 days of their lives. But, all during their journey, they praised the Lord. Even after they landed, their first act was not about themselves (building houses, planting food, hunting, etc...), but it was praising God. If they can do that, even with hard circumstances, I am sure we can be grateful in our circumstances, no matter what they may be.

Elder Garff
You have got to be kidding me.  The one time we are on Tahiti and we missed the Distribution Center by 4 minutes.
Well, I guess Tahitians are known by their strict adherence to schedules...
So fun to see that the ducks have a big influence - even with the cat calendar:)

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