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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

First the Relief Society and now the Primary

Sunsets and Silhouettes - Welcome to Tahiti!
Hey Everyone!

I hope that this week was a good one for you all!

In Raiatea, it was interesting! For several days this week, Elder Piazza and I went to the Primary Program rehearsals :) I was asked to play the piano, and it was such a blast ha ha ha! The Primary programs here are different than at home, and I have to give a big shout out to my mom, for all the work she does for those programs! Wow.
You can't see me, but I am playing the piano for the Primary Program rehearsal
Other than that, this week was a good week. Elder Piazza and I are still working well with the members and have set in stone our sport activity! It is really fun to play basketball against the Tahitians with all the American moves that I picked up. But, just as a warning... When I come back, there are several Tahitian "Street Moves" that I am anxious to try out ;)
The Andersons will understand this picture - "I still reign..."
Our district is still the Relief Society, as the missionary couple hasn't come yet, so, Elder Piazza and I are the lone Elders still. As we spent a lot of time for the district, I can safely say that we spent a lot of time with the "Relief Society" and the Primary. If this keeps up, next week I should be talking about the Young Women!
A Chow Mein and Fries Sandwich.  Interesting choice!
Culture Shock: At one of our dinner appointments, we ate with a couple. Our maternal languages were: English (me), Italian (Elder Piazza), Tahitian (Fr. Raapoto), and Spanish (Sr. Raapoto). And what language did we speak in? French.
Got to Represent my Team!  Go Utes!
Funny Moment: This goes to the Duolingo Application. Who, after I did the beginning test rated me 1 percent fluent in French! After making 2 little errors you think that the app would be a little nicer to me?
Duolingo Application Score - We are cheering for you Josh!
Spiritual Thought: I'll keep this one short. But, Elder Piazza and I had the opportunity to listen to President Uchtdorf and his talk about faith during the General Woman's Session (again the Sisters!). With our faith, we need to realize that it is the power we need to submit to God's will. Not the power to change the will of others and God. With a strong faith, we can better adapt to God and His will. We cannot, with a strong faith, change the agency and choices of people or God Himself.

Ua here vau ia outou!

Elder Garff
Not Too Bad Eh?
Gorgeous View - That's Tahiti for you!

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