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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Conference and a Good Story for Maggie:)

I hope you aren't tired of these, because here, Elder Piazza and I aren't!
Ia ora na tout le monde!

This week was a good week! Our sectors are doing good work and the zone is doing really well! There are a lot of great things happening and it is a great turn around from a few months ago! It is crazy to think that I have already been in Tevaitoa and Vaiaau for 3-4 months! Time flies huh?

This week was great with General Conference, tons of lessons, and with errands all over! Nothing crazy new this week, but it was another solid week.
Elder Piazza and I preparing to take a swim in a fish pond.
As my dad has often said: "There is a pool and a pond.  The pond would be good for you."
Maggie, I felt like Ammon this week. We were at our second counselor's house this week and he was talking about his daughter who would be coming home soon from her mission. We were talking and then his wife came and asked if I was finishing my mission soon. After I said 8 months, she showed me her daughter and basically offered me her hand in marriage! Like Ammon, I had to keep my mind on my mission, but hey, I guess I am not only getting referrals for investigators, but now referrals for marriage. 2 Birds with 1 Mission! 
President Uchtdorf has changed a little while I have been here!
Funny Moment: Always good to watch a blue President Uchtdorf giving his talk during Conference!

Culture Shock: Here, many missionaries look for Tahitian Pearls. But, the members often say that a Tahitian Pearl is code for a Tahitian Wife. Check :)

Spiritual Moment: This week, I loved the talks given by Elder Bednar and Elder Oaks, and the message I will share is of an experience, a scripture, and Elder Oaks. Elder Oaks said that if you are a good example and keep the commandments, you can help with missionary work. In Romans Chapter 5 Verse 19, we can read that through the obedience of one person, many will be brought to the truth, but, through the disobedience of one person, many will be driven away. As a missionary, I have seen both worlds. People who have been baptized because of a great example, and someone who regressed because of a terrible example of a member. So, my challenge for all of you is to keep the commandments and be a good example. You'll never know the results of being 100 percent obedient, but God and those you will have touched will.

Love you all!

Elder Garff
Don't ask.  I don't even know.

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