Elder Josh Garff

Monday, April 24, 2017

Banana Splits

Split with Elder Toame!  He is an Elder from my MTC promotion
Hey Everyone!

Unfortunately, we did not eat any Banana splits this week, but we were often on splits with missionaries :) One of the responsibilities for me and Elder Piazza is to do a split with all of the zone leaders. I had the priviledge of being with Elder Thorpe and Elder Toame. It doesn't matter where I have been time-wise with my mission, I have always learned a lot from the splits that we have done. I think that these splits were more to help me than them! Both Elders are great and they taught me a lot this week! 

In other news, the missionary concert practices have started up, and though I don't think I will be able to sing in the performances, I am excited for them anyways :) There are a lot of great songs and I am pumped! 

Other than that, there is not much to report. There are a lot of great things happening and I think the only other thing that you would like to hear is the progression of our converts in Papeete 2! Tony is the Young Mens Sectretary, Vainui is the Relief Society Sectretary, Alexis will be the Secretary of the Elders Quorem, and Romina will receive a call soon! So great to see their progression!
Split with Elder Thorpe!  Great to do a split with him!
Funny Moment: We started up the game again "Where's Rick". Elder Piazza found Rick who was found in his cereal :) Because Elder Smith hid it there :)
Culture Shock: Got to love when you receive the question "Where is the mission violin?" and you have to find out which island the violin was sent to... There are only 100+ options there!
Spiritual Thought: One of the greatest lessons I learned this week was the importance of humility. You can have all the talents, contacts, experience, etc... in the world but you can still learn something from someone who is humble. I was touched this week by a man who was extremely humble and thanks to his example, I learned a lot of things that weren't said, but were shown.

Love you all :)

Elder Garff

P.S. Totally forgot when Mother's Day is... Sorry

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