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Monday, May 1, 2017

The Miracle of the Week: Heimata!

Heimata at her baptism! Heimata and Rauhere (little girl on the left) were both baptized!!!
Hey Everyone!

It is crazy to see that the end is near! In a few short three weeks I'll be with you all in Utah :) But, just beacause there are three weeks left that doesn't mean that there is time to be trunky! And a quick congratulations to Rachel! She just won the election for SBO President at Skyline! I'm pumped for you Rachel! Congrats!
Marriage Blessing of Heimata and Manu at the Chapel!  Such a great experience!
This week was crazy! The craziest thing that happened was that we had a marraige and a baptism! It was the marraige of Manu and Heimata and the baptism of Heimata and Rauhere (her daughter). Manu was an inactive member but, after 5 months, he is married and should be receiving the Melchezidek Priesthood in 2 months! Heimata should be having a baby next week, but still got baptized! Also, cool to know that Heimata finished the Book of Mormon before her baptism! She is the only investigator that finished the Book of Mormon before her baptism and she is super strong!

Other things that have started, we have started practices for the missionary concert and because of that, 5 hours of our P-Day are used practicing (we practice in 2 different places for 2 hours in each location). Because of that, we are a little rushed today, so I will not be able to respond to a lot of emails unfortunately :(
I found out today that Benjamin just won a motorbike!!!!!!!!!! I honestly didn't know what to say :)
Funny Moment: I died when I saw Benjamin (an old convert) with his motorcycle that he won! It was too much for me!

Culture Shock: Just the fact that it is May 2017 should be good for this one...

Spiritual Thought: I have thought a lot this week about how to be successful in life.  Elder Piazza and I did a training in the Multi-Zone Conferences this week and our focus was on how to be a successful missionary. Here are the 4 points that we had:
1. Give your will to God
2. Don't compare yourself to others
3. Have high expectations
4. Have the Spirit present in your work.
In our lives it is the same! If you want to succeed, put God first! He can make a lot more out of our lives than we can!

Love you all!

Elder Garff

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