Elder Josh Garff

Monday, January 18, 2016

Cockroaches, Beetles, Lizards, Flies, Spiders and Mosquitos at night...Oh My!

"Something you might not be seeing in Utah this January"
Hey all!

I hope that the snow is treating you all well! Here, it is hot, and getting hotter! I think that the members and people here are starting to identify me by how much I sweat! On bike, crazy hot weather, and long distances don't help matters either! Each day my sleeves are covered in sweat and sometimes have to peel them off ha ha ha!

This week went by really well for us! We fixed 4 baptism dates for February, and it should be great! We are working with a lot of great people and there are tons of cool stories here! I will tell you about them as they happen, but right now we are working with a cool family which has touched me beyond anything I have felt in my life. Though it sounds cheesy, it is true and I love this family to death!

And, everything else has been going well! There is no room to complain. There is nothing better than going to bed tired (except of course the feeling of waking up the next morning with tons of energy, if not, the going to bed tired thing isn't as cool ha ha ha!). We'll just keep working! I love you all back home and hope that when you are in school or the weather is less that 0, you'll think of Tahiti ha ha ha!

Culture Shock: I think this week will go again to the insects. Because the houses here generally don't have air conditioning, the insects like it. So, at night, it is not uncommon for us to see cockroaches, beetles, lizards, flies, ants, spiders, and mosquitos. Something I don't think Utah has with all the snow!
Breakfast Elder Webber Style

Funny Moment: So, this week, Elder Webber is going home. So, in honor of him, I had the breakfast that he had every morning: Milo (liquid chocolate), crackers with Nutella Spread on them in sandwich fashion, together to form a chocolate wonder... And he is skinny still, unbelievable!

Spiritual Thought: This week I have thought a lot about Self Mastery. If we can't control ourselves, who is going to control us? God will let us choose, but Satan will do all he can to control us. This is why we must master ourselves, if not, Satan will be our master and thus lead us by his chains to hell. So, this week I studied how to do master myself, and I found the answer in Alma 37:33-37, awesome scriptures there. The answer is faith. If we have faith, we will be able to conquer Satan, we will be able to master ourselves, but only if we rely on Christ. So, the challenge I have for you all this week is to develop faith in Christ, so you can master yourselves.

Ua here vau ia outou!

Elder Garff

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