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Monday, January 25, 2016

"It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like February"

Josh thought he would share a "Deep Pondering Missionary" pose.  He mentioned that it was a "pretty legit study spot".  Surely you realize how serious he must have been while taking this...
Hey all!

I really hope that I spelled these words right, words like February and begining are a little out of my head right now! And with French spell check, not the greatest source of help ha ha ha! And with the title, I am thinking that I am going to love February a lot this year, because not only is January over, but tons of cool stuff will be happening in February!

This week was a great week! This week was more of helping people with baptism dates get ready for the interview for baptism and for the baptism itself. They will come in the future, but know for now that we have a lot of great people who are ready to be baptized, stay tuned! As they get baptized, I will post it, just to try your patience huh? :)
Chopau: "A bread roll with mystery meat on the inside.  Got to love it!"  For a kid who elected not to eat anything at scout camp, this shows tremendous growth.
And also this week, we had transfers, and Elder Peel and I are staying together in Maraa! We are really starting to click right now and the area is picking up! Before Elder Peel, it was ok, but now with him, the area is rocking! Definitely thanks to my college missionaire et Notre Père Céleste! C'est quelque chose grande qui va passé avec le pouvoir de Dieu. Nous sommes rien sans lui, mais, grace a lui et son fils Jesus Christ, on peut faire toute chose! C'est grande ça!

I hope you like the French ha ha ha! Maybe here and there I'll throw in some sentences i roto te reo Tahiti aore ra i roto te reo Farani. No reira e nehenehe ia ratou ia haapii mai te mau reo mai vau te huru! (And sorry, there isn't Google Translate for Tahitian :) )
The Caves of Maraa - A Little P-Day Field Trip
But, just know that all is well here! The area is great, we're doing great, and Tahiti is just maitai roa!
Culture Shock: Goes to the ice cream we had the other night! Ice cream here is very expensive and is far from a day to day pleasure here! Something I'll look forward to in 1.5 years ha ha ha
Funny Moment: I have started a juice collection. I don't know how much exactly, but I have consumed over 18 liters (pictured to come in other weeks!)
Spiritual Thought: Charity is the pure love of Christ. If we want to have this pure love, we need to act. We can either wonder if we have charity and worry about it, or serve and show our charity.
Stay tuned for next week!

Elder Garff

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