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Monday, February 22, 2016

Parenting 101, A Bee Sting, And A Stolen Bike

More on this below...

Me, my son, Elder Davis, and Elder Peel - The only trio in which I will be the tallest:)

Well, parenting is a little harder than I was anticipating! This week, I received a son in the mission field! Meaning, I am training a new missionary! His name is Elder Davis! He is from Utah and is starting just like I did, with not a lot of French experience! It is definitely going well though! We made it through the first week and are doing well!

Other than that, not much has changed. I did however learn how to drive stick this week and got passed off by Elder Caldwell! So, I can drive in the future! So, I can get off bike duty ha ha ha!

Right now, we are doing all that we can to help the area and to keep our heads above water (figuratively, not literally... I wish sometimes!)
"A Mystical Foggy Day with a Mystical Missionary Pose" - Yes, his own quote.  Thanks Josh.

Culture Shock: This week it rained. And when it rains, it pours! On bike, it felt like we were swimming in a pool every day! It is a good change from the crazy hot, but still, just extremes in weather here!
"Just a little swollen huh?  Now teach a lesson in French and Tahitian with that"
 Funny Moment: Definitely goes to getting stung by a bee right on the lips while biking... After that, it swelled to 4 times it's size and as the trainer, I had to teach the lesson... Try teaching with a marble shooter sized swelling in your mouth in 2 languages! A "fun" experience I don't really want to live again!

(A Mom Note:  Josh also had his bike taken this week.  Likely not his easiest week, but we are glad he is toughing it out.)

Spiritual Thought: This week I have really thought about the scripture in Alma 4:15. We will all have trials and will probably feel depressed after them, but, the Spirit of the Lord will never fail us. He will never fail us if we put our trust in Him. He works according to our faith and if we have faith in Him and His promises, we will receive the Holy Ghost.

Hope you are all doing well!

Elder Garff

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