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Monday, February 1, 2016

It's Raining, It's Pouring, and the Ants are all Snoring

Spraying ant poison on my bag that was infested by ants - ha, ha, ha!

Hey everyone!

So, the title is a little strange, but, this week we got tons of rain. The rain was good in some ways because a lot of people stayed home because of it, but it also caused us to travel in the rain all day ha ha ha! So, needless to say, all of the books in my bag got hammered! Also, with the ants, they were snoring in my bag... During a lesson, I put my bag on the ground. After an hour, I picked up my bag, only to discover the ants had formed a colony - in my bag! So, I took my bag home and destroyed the ants in there (see my facial expression below to see if I was a welcoming host...)
"Teaching a piano lesson, and I have to say, with 8 months of no practice, it was rough - ha ha ha!
But, overall, we had a good week this week! We are working with a lot of new investigators and we have a lot of people who are close to baptism! So, the work is going well here! We are trying our hardest so that we can have the Spirit, because it is truly the Spirit who converts people, not us! We are doing well and I appreciate all of your prayers for the area and the investigators!

And, today during a multi zone soccer match, I was talking to some Elders and Sisters from my MTC promo, it is so weird that it is already February! I am already 8 months on the mission! Almost a year, crazy. Some days go by painfully slow, but for the majority of my mission, everything has flown! Crazy how time flies when your are serving!

Je suis vraiment reconnaissent pour toute votre support pour moi et pour le Seigneur! Sans Lui, c'est impossible à accomplir le chose on doir faire ici sur le terre. Ua ite vau e e ohipa maitai roa teie ohipa. Ua oaoa vau ia tavini to'tatou Fatu na roto te ohipa misionare. I roto te mau mea atoa, ua tia'i vau tera e nehenehe ia outou ia farii to'u aroha no outou!

Funny Moment: Though I was angry, the ants were a pretty funny moment ha ha ha!
Culture Shock: When it rained, especially on Saturday, it was crazy! All of the streets were flooded and the neighborhoods were covered in giant puddles! The first time I have walked through 5 inches of muddy water and biked through it all too!
"Through the River and Through the Woods, to an Investigator's House we go!"

Spiritual Thought: This week, I really learned a lesson about attitude changes everything. In our lives, we will have many temptations and many things that don't go quite our way (ants, rain, tests, school, dating, etc...), but, our attitude determines our altitude. We can choose to be happy when adversity comes, or we can choose to be miserable. Choose to be like God or Satan. In the end, why would we chose to be miserable about a situation and become like Satan (miserable), let us choose to be happy no matter what comes our way, to be like Christ!

Elder Garff

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