Elder Josh Garff

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Sky is on Fire

Hey Everyone!
Yeah, the sky was on fire!  Crazy sunset that Elder Peel and I couldn't believe.

This week was another good week! It was really a week of preparing people to get baptized and to accept baptismal dates. While it was tiring at times, it was overall really good!

The work in Tahiti continues to progress and we are just following the slogan here "haere maru, haere papu". "Go surely, go softly", basically take the little steps. And with many of our investigators and inactives here, there has been a lot of progression! With the new year, a lot of people have changed for the better and are doing awesome with their progression! Something I definitely hope will keep going!

And, just a weather check for you all. I hope you are enjoying the snow, here it is crazy hot! We are in the hot season right now and it is not getting colder any sooner! I get many comments about how much I sweat, which is usually something like "how can you sweat that much?"...

Funny Moment: Defintely goes to all of the comments I have received about my face. Either it is about sweating, acne, that I look like a 27 year old, that I speak and look like I am from Russia, or that colored eyes are the reason why many people like us ha ha ha!
Josh trying to mimic Garfield's eyes - a little spooky.  Thanks for the tie Truman!

Culture Shock: So, when I received a pair of slacks from my family, I compared them with the slacks that I have been wearing the past 8 months. Can you guess which ones are new?
Which Pair is New? Hmmmmmm

Spiritual Thought: During the mission and during our lives, there are many Ups, and many Downs. While we can't control what happens, we can know that all things happen for our good (Romans 8: 38-39). But, what we can control is which things we will focus on. We can focus on the bad things that happen, and then receive the sad feelings associated with them. Or, we can focus on the good things, the blessings God gives us, and receive the feelings of happiness that accompany them. Choose the Right, when a situation is placed before you!

Have a great week, and don't do anything I wouldn't do (especially you Gam!)

Elder Garff

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