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Monday, April 18, 2016

My Sister is a Major URI TAATA!

Ok, the biggest news of the week definitely goes to a prank that my sister Katie pulled on me. For weeks, everyone has been telling me about this "Luke Reeves" guy. And I honestly was concerned that Katie was going to get married before I got back from my mission. So, today, I opened my mail, and I read "I'M ENGAGED!!!" Shocked, I hurried and opened the email, and then, I read that she received a mission call to Bolivia!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I have to say, my emotions were a roller coaster: shocked, confused, angry, happy, astonished, furious, astonished beyond all measure, no clue what now. But what news! I'm excited that little Bubsy is going to serve a mission! Now I just have to find a way to get back. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And also, JJ's birthday was this week! And he is a teacher! Congrats to JJ and his big win for SBO! I can't wait to hear the things you'll do!
Me and my 2 sons, Elder Davis and Elder Putoa with our 4 bikes, all of which got flat tires during the course of the day.  We had no repair kit.  A lot of walking for us!
Some other big news, for the past few weeks, I have been serving with Elder Davis and Elder Putoa (because Elder Davis is still recovering from his hospital stay). Elder Putoa is the heavyweight champion of Polynesia, champion in several other countries, and is going to try for the Olympics when he gets back. And he is the funniest Elder I have ever met! I am half training him while he waits for his visa to serve his mission in New York!

So, not a whole lot of other things I need to tell you all. We are doing our best to reconstruct the work here and things are going well! With the 3 of us, it is crazy fun, crazy exhausting, and super great!

Funny Moment: Katie, I don't think I'll ever forget that moment. Well played.
Culture Shock: Living with a Tahitian in our house is certainly different. I have only served with Americans before and every culture has their different little things. It has been awesome to talk with someone who isn't fluent in English, it is good for the language!
Spiritual Thought: I have been thinking a lot recently about testimony. In my interview with President Bize I asked him about this question. He said: "Don't waste time and energy asking questions that you already know the answer to". And it was a great piece of advice that I needed to hear. With us, if we have received an answer like Oliver Cowdrey (D and C 6: 22-24), that should be enough. And after we have received an answer and a witness, why do we need a reconfirmation? We don't.

I love you all, Bubs, congrats again on your mission call! JJ, congrats on your ordination to be a teacher!

Elder Garff
50 cent bread.  Awesome deal you won't see in America
$10 bag of Doritos.  Terrible deal you won't see in America

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