Elder Josh Garff

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Cigarette Business

Well all, I don't know if I'll come back and sell cars. During the past week, I have really enjoyed the cigarette business that we have started! So Dad, I'll let you know in a year...

Ha ha ha! So, I'll explain that sentence above! In our area, there are several people and investigators that smoke. As we thought about what to do, I remembered a story that my teachers quorum adviser, Scott Young told me. He made "scripture cigarettes" to help people stop smoking. We thought we'd copy this idea, and made our own scripture cigarettes! Every time our investigators want to smoke, they have to take one of our cigarettes, unravel it, and read the scripture inside! Thanks Scott for your great idea! It is working and lots of our investigators are progressing!
OK everyone - relax.  These are apparently Scripture Cigarettes.
Honestly, when the kid only sends a couple of photos per week, I am forced to use things like this.  For heaven's sake, all he has to do is point the camera out the window and take a picture - he is in Tahiti.  Instead, until my wishes are voiced on Mothers' Day, this is what you get.

Other than that, things are going well in Maraa! Elder Davis and Elder Putoa are hilarious together and have been called "Tom and Jerry" "The dog and the cat", and I'm just the one that gets to watch and love it all! With the 3 of us, we are doing all we can to cover a large biking sector with no bikes (they are all still flat, even after putting in a new air chamber!!!). Every day is fun and productive for us!

Funny Moment: Always a great moment when after the chapel you go to the second hour, and the instructor asks if you can give the hour long lesson... Got to love planning ahead!
Culture Shock: Will go to movies again. We talked with a family at a dinner appointment for a while about movies, and when I get back, I feel as if I'll be in a different Era... (P.S. Don't spoil the Captain America movie for me... Or else)
Ward Mission Leader's Birthday Celebration (eith Elder Davis and Elder Putoa).  Josh mentioned that his flash is not working too well...much like the bike tires I guess.
Spiritual Thought: Anything is possible if we view others with love. One of our investigators has been taking the lessons for about 30 years. When we started, many people told us to stop wasting our time, that she was too hard, and would never change. But, after several months, she has started to change. The advice of President Monson is really powerful. If we view others with love and for who they can become, the change is possible. So, never view people for their shortcomings, but rather for their potential.

And, before I leave, I hope that my Aunt Carrie and Grandma Anderson, and lots of cousins know that I wish them a Happy Birthday! Carrie, I'm late for you, sorry about that... And Grandma, know that I celebrated your birthday here! I hope that you two had a good one! Mahana oaoa no'orua!

Love you all!

Elder Garff

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