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Monday, November 14, 2016

Baptism of Rose and Evaporating Ice Cream

Tahitian Ninja!
​During a baptismal interview, I was placed with the task of occupying 4 kids. So, what did we do? The same thing my parents did to us 5 kids: NINJA! 
Hey Everyone!

I don't have a lot of time today, as we have a conference, but I will write really fast!

The baptism of Rose was awesome! Friday, we had their marraige, Saturday, Rose was baptized, and she received the Holy Ghost on Sunday! It was a great experience and it was the baptism of someone who had been taking the missionary lessons for more than 5 years! She is finally baptized and it is thanks to a revelation that Marama received, to be baptized on November 11th! Congrats again!
Marriage of Marama and Rose
Culture Shock: Normally in Utah, we see hot chocolate steaming because it is cold. Today, I looked at my ice cream and saw it evaporating because it was so hot!
Funny Moment: Playing Ninja with 4 kids is pretty hilarious, especially when I had to explain the rules in French ha ha ha! What an experience!

Spiritual Thought: The baptism of Rose was the hardest baptism of my mission and I have thought a lot about why it was so hard. The answer is that Satan really didn't want it to happen. Everything was tough and Rose was literally all alone. Even with hardships that came from us, her family, her kids, and her husband, Rose surmounted all of that this week and was baptized. The scripture that is perfect for her is Alma 23:6. Personally, I know that Rose will never fall away from the church and will stay strong. She was not converted to the missionaries, she was not converted to her family, she was not converted to nothing, but she was converted to the Lord.

Have to run! Love you all!

Elder Garff
My Gam is famous in Tahiti! 

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