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Monday, November 21, 2016

Conferences with the Seventy and Family Baptisms

Raromatai Group with Elder Craig A. Cardon
Ia ora na tout le monde!

This week was a crazy week! It started by taking a plane to Tahiti for a great leadership conference with a Seventy, Elder Craig A. Cardon. During this conference, it was great to be taught by a General Authority and hear his point of view on everything. See the Spiritual Thought below.

After, we flew back, and prepared the zone conference here with Raiatea, Tahaa, Huahine, and Bora Bora! Such a fun time having a "slumber party" in the Church gym! The pictures are pretty great! We were then taught as an "outer island zone" by Elder Cardon which was great again!
Baptism of Randy HOPARA 

After all of the conference and the clean up (took 2 days!), we prepared and had a great baptism for Randy HOPARA! Cool fact, I baptized his sister, Maina, in Maraa (my last sector). Before, Randy was not really wanting to be baptized, but the second I told him that I baptized his sister Maina, in 2 weeks he had a baptismal date, quit smoking, quit drinking coffee, and had a huge desire to be baptized! The Savior works in mysterious ways and I am just grateful to be a part of it! His baptism was extremely special, and I don't think that I will forget the things that happened during this whole experience.
Slumber Party Prep

Slumber Party in the Gym

Well, that was pretty much the climax! Hope that you all are as excited as I am ha ha ha! What a crazy great week!

Also, I hope that you all are preparing to receive Syd the Squid soon! I left at the same time as my cousin, and now she is returning home from Alabama! I loved serving in the mission field at the same time as her, make sure to give her a coconut for me :) Congrats Sister Sydney Anderson!
So very Josh - Pineapple in a new shape, which, apparently, is picture-worthy
Funny Moment:
Culture Shock: When I was in Bora, I assisted the same conference one year ago. I was still in training and scared to death! One year later, it was me organizing it ha ha ha! Something I never thought would happen!
Spiritual Thought: This week will go to the Conference that we had with Elder Cardon. He spoke often of Repentence. As missionaries, we teach repentence often. One of the things that stuck out to me was that to teach repentance, we too must repent each day of our lives. Maybe we aren't repenting of a serious transgression every day, but the goal of repentance is to change our will to fit God's Will. Every day, we need to be repenting and aligning our will with the will of God. So, for each of us, no matter where our curent standing is with God, we need to repent and align our will with His until our will is His will.
You Just Gotta Love Tahiti

Love you all! Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Garff

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