Elder Josh Garff

Monday, January 16, 2017

Really Fast

The Awesome Zone of Paea!
Hey Everyone!

I will not be having a whole lot of time to write you all, but, I'll try my best!

This week, we had transfers and we were whitewashed! I am going to finish my mission at Papeete 2 with Elder Drugeon. I'm excited to work with him, but at the same time, it was tough leaving all of my converts in Orofero! There are a lot of great people there and I hope that I can go back for their baptisms! Orofero was a great experience and I wish them the best of luck!
Last Goodbye to Elder Nelson
This week in general was pretty crazy as many sectors in the mission changed and the entire face of the mission changed! I don't really know what to say, but, it is all going well here!
Thanks Elder Millerberg for the photo!
Culture Shock: You never look at cockroaches again when you see/hear a flying cockroach zoom past your ear. Needless to say that causes something that you'll see below.
Josh continues with his love of insects tour.  Here are 20 unfortunate cockroaches that met his broom
Funny Moment: This will go to the moment where we were at our house doing an inspection. Our house is great, except for the bathroom... The Sisters whitewashing will not be to happy with its condition...
(Mom note - this is likely due to the fact that the hot water knob in the shower was broken)

Spiritual Thought: In our lives, there will be unexpected things that come, and it is up to us to have faith in the Savior and His plan for us. With faith, we can do anything. If we have doubts, if we lose our faith, or if we lose our confidence, we'll never succeed. In everything, we must have faith. Faith in a great today and a better tomorrow.

Elder Garff

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