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Monday, January 23, 2017

Physical and Spiritual Floods

Congratulations Marcel and Maere!  What a fantastic wedding and baptism!
Hey Everyone!

So, this week was super crazy and we were not able to email on Monday. And tonight, we have to leave soon. So this one will be brief!

This week we had a crazy flood that hit Tahiti and several houses were sunk under inches of water. People have had to throw out may of their possessions that were ruined by the flooding (books, beds, carpet, etc...). I don't have any pictures on my camera, but I will try to send some next week. Everyone is safe though and all of the missionnaries made it without any harm!
Another cool shot of the wedding
This week I was fortunate enough to hear about the baptism of 2 of my old investigators! The first was Marcel MAPU who was married to his wife Maere this week! Elder Nelson and I spent almost every day with Marcel and I am so happy that he is baptized! Congrats to him and his wife! Great to see everyone at Maraa and Orofero again too! The second was Hereiti, who I taught with Elder Piazza at Raiatea! She finally decided to be baptized after taking the lessons for over 5 years! Super pumped for her and I wish I could have been there at Raiatea for her!

This week was a crazy week, but those were the events that were the best!
Awesome to do a split with Elder Ruff!  We were in the MTC together!

Funny Moment: This will go to being with Elder Ruff again! We had a blast and predicted which of our Sister missionaries (the Sisters that came in our promo) would be married first. Seeing how they all have some sort of boyfriend, I would not be surprised to hear about a couple of wedding announcements ;)
Culture Shock: Definitely goes to the flood. You never see how devestating these floods are until you experience contant flooding and raining. Many people don't have a place to sleep because of the constant flooding. Be grateful for what you have and your circumstance!
Spiritual Thought: I have been thinking a lot this week about the principle of faith. It is the first principle of the Gospel, and, in my opinion, the least thought about, the least applied, but the most crucial. Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement is essential if we want to repent, if we want to be baptized (or take the sacrament), have the Holy Ghost with us, and if we want to endure to the end. But, all of these things are nothing without faith. Without the Atonement (which none of us can look back and watch as of today) we can't do anything. We are entirely dependant on an act that is relatively unknown and we can't see. That is faith. Believing in something that is not seen, but true. 

Love you all!

Elder Garff

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