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Monday, January 9, 2017

Training Galore!

Josh with Elder Campbell
Over the Eels and Through the River...
Hey Everyone!

This week was a week full of training! The highlights were definitely the Leadership Council, our zone meeting, and our Stake Training. A huge push has been made lately to bring back the inactives that are in every ward. With this push made in the Leadership Council we gave a training in zone conference on the importance of members in reactivation, and the Sisters gave the great training on vision done by Elder Peel and Elder Piazza (#RAROMATAIREPRESENT!)! Then, Elder Nelson and I had the privilege to give a training on reactivation, working with the missionaries, and vision to all of the leaders in the stake. It went really well and they all said they would work with the missionaries to accomplish this goal of reactivation (and of course baptism). The Spirit was strong and it went well!
Great to see Elder Piazza and Elder Peel
Other than the trainings, this week was a week of gathering our thoughts and helping our converts out! Several of our converts are receiving the Priesthood and are progressing in the Gospel! It is great to see the change that the Gospel can make in the lives of people, even in a matter of weeks!
Congratulations to Elder Harvard who will finish his mission soon!  He is a stud!

Not a whole lot of other things to share today, but, overall, it was a great week!

Funny Moment: Cooking spaghetti is fun, but can be messy. As I cooked spaghetti yesterday, I didn't realize that sauce was flying onto my shirt! Needless to say my shirt would not be worthy to enter into Paradise or the Celestial Kingdom...
Awesome to see Elder Millerburg on his visit.  
Culture Shock: On a split with Elder Campbell, we had to cross a crazy high and dirty river to get to a lesson! Normally it is over the river and through the woods to get to an investigator's house. But for us it is over the eels and through the river... 

Spiritual Thought: I have thought a lot this week about humility. We all need to put the will of God ahead of our own. It is pretty funny that as we ask for things that we want we rarely receive them. It is only when we ask the question "What is thy will for me?" we will progress. Now, the question, a question that I loved as I studied. "Why is it that we ask but don't want to receive?" If we ask God for His will, are we going to be too hard or too scared to receive the answer? If so, it won't come. It only comes if our hearts are 100% open to Him.

Love you all! 

Elder Garff
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