Elder Josh Garff

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 3 - Tuahine vs Tamahine

Hey everyone! I hope that this week was a good week for everyone! This week in the MTC was a great one! I have actually started to understand Tahitian speakers and have started to get a grasp on the language! There was one slip up though that I'll put at the end of the email :) In addition to the language, things are starting to settle down here. We have heard a lot of great speakers and there are a lot of exciting things happening! One of those is that tomorrow tons of missionaries will be coming in, including none other than Abraham Smith-Driggs! I'm definitely sending that picture next week! It will be awesome to have one of my best friends in the MTC with me, for the next 9 weeks ha ha ha!

This week I found out the computer hates my camera... So hopefully next week I'll have some pictures :(

Thought of the week:
When looking at problems, it is more important to look at problems in the long term perspective instead of the present moment. It is true that problems have to be dealt with in the present, but it makes things so much easier if we look for what it will prepare us for. In learning Tahitian, it is one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life. I find though that as I quit thinking about how hard it is in the present and instead think about how great it will be in the future and the people I can help, the trial in the moment becomes small. An amazing scripture is in the Book of Mormon: Ether Chapter 12 (All of it but primarily verses 6 and 27).

Funny moment of the week:
I was teaching an investigator with my companion (in Tahitian) and I accidentally told her that I have 3 daughters (tamahine) instead of saying that I had 3 sisters (tuahine).... That was a little awkward to say the least :)

Hope everything is going well in SLC!!!!!

Elder Garff

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