Elder Josh Garff

Monday, August 24, 2015

Raw Fish, Coconut Milk and Spiders...Oh My!

Hey Everyone!

This week was an awesome week! We had 4 baptisms and the Spirit was very strong with all of them! It was awesome to see what effects the Spirit and baptism can have on a family and it is so evident here how important the Gospel is in our lives! I don't really have any background stories on the people I am baptizing (because I can't really understand them yet...) but those will come once I actually know what is going on!

The food here is really simple: bread, rice, and chicken. It's awesome! All of the food so far has been great and there is no room to complain! There are the fun delicacies though that I have been able to try including: raw fish, coconuts (seen below, I drank 1 liter of coconut milk in 1 minute ha ha ha!), and assortments of desserts! The people are all very friendly and it is funny to see the little kids realize that I can't speak French and try to talk with me in English! I was able to understand a little bit more of the languages this week, but I still have lightyears to go. Hopefully it will come quickly! The heat is also something new and I think my fear of bugs has really gone away. The fear of spiders though... There was a huge one at one of our dinners, and the hosts told me to flick it... I was way too scared and after laughing at me, the host casually flicked away this huge spider!!! Definitely not to that level of culture immersion yet!

Spiritual Thought of the Week:
A quote that we learned in basketball was a quote which said "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going". Several times I have wished for a shortcut with the language, but everytime I have to remind myself that if there was a shortcut, it wouldn't be worth going on a mission. Whether it is school, learning an instrument, playing a sport, or serving a mission, we can't afford to take shortcuts. All of the most desirable things in life require hard work, not looking for ways to shirk.

I hope that all is going well with school and everything back at home!

Elder Garff

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