Elder Josh Garff

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Last Week in the MTC :)

Hey everyone! This week has been a great one! We have started to freak out a little bit because we are leaving on Monday and at this time next week, my district will all be in Tahiti! I am way excited for it, but am also a little sad and scared to leave!
Sad in the way that I will miss the devotionals. Each week, we have the opportunity to hear from leaders of the church who give us advice about our missions and who give us counsel of how to be better missionaries. I have loved the talks given by Elder David A. Bednar (both of which were reruns) which have inspired me to look outside and not inwards and to give all of my effort all of my time during my mission. I'm on the Lord's time, not mine, and I need to make the most of it! This week it was awesome to see Elder Haws, Elder Anderson, Elder Greene, Elder Holding, and countless other missionaries! Next week we're having a crazy cool Skyline picture get together of all the Skyline missionaries, should be awesome!
Scared in the way that next week will be a crazy experience because I have a ways to go in both languages that I need to be speaking fluently pretty soon! I just have to have confidence that through the Lord, all things are possible! My goal is to learn the languages as fast as possible so that I can be the best missionary for the Lord that I can be!
The Spiritual Thought that I had this week was that we all have time on this earth and we also have the choice of how we will spend our time. We are all given the same resource but the only difference is how we use it. As a missionary, I have 2 years to serve a mission like every other Elder who serves a mission. But, the difference will be how I spend my time. Will my time be spent serving the Lord? Or will my time be spent serving my own pleasures? I have found that as I give 100% of my time serving the Lord on my mission, I have been the most blessed. And know that at home, you have the exact same time that I do. I would encourage you to look at your day and make a conscious effort to make every second of every day count. We only have so much time to prepare to meet God and at the end of our lives. God is not going to ask us how much time we had on earth, but rather what did we do with our time?
I don't have any pictures this week, but next week will be an awesome one for pictures, I promise :)
Elder Garff

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