Elder Josh Garff

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

From The Cross Roads of the West to The Hospitals of Tahiti

Obviously this patient did not select his surgeon based upon tie selection.
My parents and Elder Davis's parents,

We are sorry that we didn't have the opportunity to email Monday. We have been in the hospital since early Monday morning.

Around 2 weeks ago, Elder Davis scraped his knee, and around Friday, we found out that it was infected. There were no signs of it at all until Friday night, and Elder Davis had a fever, aches, and swelling in his knee. We both didn't think it was serious until after our medicines and rest didn't help. We got to the hospital as soon as possible after we found out it was very serious and arrived Monday morning.

In the emergency room, we found out that he would have to stay for a few nights and they would be doing a series of tests. We find out either tonight or tomorrow if Elder Davis will be having surgery, because even with the antibiotics, the infection is pretty bad.

We will do our best to keep you all updated on the situation, but due to faulty wifi and bad room location, we only have specific times we can email and keep you up to date. Elder Davis has to stay in the room (no wifi) and it is a challenge to find the wifi port here!

Just know that the two of us are thinking of you and we are trying our best to keep you updated. If you have any questions (as I am sure you do), respond ASAP! We only have 40 minutes before our wifi time runs out.

We love you all! And to the parents of Elder Davis, when he emails again, he has a lot of cool expereinces to share, this week was a week of firsts, physically and spiritually.

Sorry again, but we'll do our best to keep you all up to date! We want to email, just the past 3 weeks have been out of our control. The power of cars huh?

Love you all!

Elder Garff

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