Elder Josh Garff

Monday, March 21, 2016

"Pictures Speak 1000 Words" (and it is a good thing because his letters keep getting shorter)

Walking on Water in Moorea
Well, for the 3rd week in a row, I am very short on time. So, if I haven't responded to your emails, I am sorry, next week we are going to make sure we have the time.

But, for this week, I'll send a bunch of pictures with little explanations under them!
Heiarii and his Wife on their Baptism Day

Heiarii and his son - Josh had us send a Big Hero 6 figure a few months ago.  This little guy was the recipient.   
Rachel's Testimony - She sent it to Josh to have him translate it into French.

Elders Rybin and Davis - apparently the Easter package we sent 6 weeks ago finally arrived:)
Funny Moment: Lots, but it goes to our movie night! Something I'll explain next week!

Culture Shock: It is easy to go from island to island. Next week I'll expound on our visit to Moorea!

Spiritual Thought: I will expound on the Atonement next week, but Easter is a great time to turn our thoughts to Christ. Search the Church's initiative, Hashtag Hallelujah!
For The Batman vs. Superman, Here is our Choice!
I love you all, next week will be much more personal ha ha ha!

Elder Garff

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