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Monday, May 2, 2016

Healthy Breakfasts:)

How To Take A Great Nap
Well, this week was a great week! With some exciting news, we found out that Elder Davis will be transferred to the Marquis! Don't know if I spelled that right, but we'll go with it! So, for the moment, I think I will stay in Maraa (on mainland Tahiti), and for now, Elder Putoa will just stay as my companion! So, maybe I'll take up boxing in the mornings ha ha ha!

Lately, we have been practicing for a missionary singing concert for all of Tahiti! I will put in more details later, but it is going great! We start in a few weeks and I'll send some pictures!

I don't have that much more time, but know that we are doing well in Maraa! We have tons of activities, and with English Class, Basketball Wednesdays, and everything, it is awesome here!
Our Tamaaraa (dinner appt.) with the Bishop and his family.  Awesome!

Culture Shock: Always fun when a dog dies and someone drags it out to the side of the road, where it sits decomposing... For the past week, all we have smelled is dead dog. I hope that is not a Tahitian perfume!
Funny Moment: Always fun when you catch yourself singing Christmas songs in the house and everyone looks at you funny. As you can see below, I have had a little Christmas fever ha ha ha!
Spiritual Thought: This week has been a lot about humility as my Mom wrote me this week. Lately, I have really had to humble myself and see that even though I think I know better, the Lord knows best. There is really a reason for everything that happens, and thought it is a cliche, we all need to look at what happens in our lives, take it, learn from it, and succeed in the midst of it.

I am definitely excited for this Sunday to see the family! Happy Mothers' Day to all! And to all, a great week!

Love you all!

Elder Garff
Cheesecake and Rotui Juice - Breakfast of Champions
"I think I am picking up on my Dad's eating habits."

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