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Monday, June 27, 2016

Bonjour Raiatea

Tahitian Sunset - Love it, Love it, Love it!
Hey Everyone!

This week was definitely a week of change! I actually left Maraa on Saturday, so it was pretty awkward sometimes saying hi again to investigators and converts I had already said goodbye to! The reaction of everyone was "You are still here???" (I guess I wore out my welcome huh? Ha ha ha). But, it was a good last week with Elders Puluiuvea and Elder McLelland!
Josh with Elder Puluiuvea and Elder McLelland
As Saturday came, I got to take a flight to Raiatea, my new sector! The cool thing about our mission is that if we go to the outer islands, we get to take a plane! I love doing it!!!!!! And, as I landed, I found my new companion, Elder Paulson, and one of the first things he asked was if I knew how to drive stick. I laughed and said "I can try!" And thus comes the title of this email. I am still learning how to drive stick (it's getting better!), but I can still drive better than my Sister Rachel who is in Driver's Ed :) People may get off the road for me, but with her, they clear the sidewalks too. Ha HA! (I say this in all humility and love)

Here is my island I am serving on (Raiatea).  Unfortunately it was raining as I took this picture, but it is still beautiful!
But, the sector is great! I don't really know it yet, as I have been here for 3 days, but it is actually the old area of Elder Webber and Elder Borgholthaus (2 of my old companions). It seems like I'll just be following Elder Borgholthaus my whole mission ha ha ha! First at Bora, then at Maraa, now at Raiatea!
Coconut Oreos - I just had to try them!  They weren't the best, but it was worth a shot

Culture Shock: Always a great moment when you find coconut oreos, and they are a dollar cheaper than the regular ones!
Yes, I am the designated driver, and the first days of stick were rough to say the least.
I'm still trying to repair my relationship with the truck:)

Funny Moment: It will definitely go to the moment I got into the car. Everyone asked if I knew how to drive, I said yes. After I backed up, as I shifted, I stalled. Then, stalled again as we tried to exit the parking lot. In a car full of Elders, I haven't heard the end of it!
Every once in a while Josh will send these "Josh Pose" pictures.
Take them seriously if you wish, but know that he was laughing as he sent them.

Spiritual Thought: Just a cool thought that I had about our divine identity. Elder McLelland and I were joking around the other day about dating. And he told me who I wanted to date, I said a beautiful daughter of God. After, I caught myself. I thought of all the times I had heard someone was going out with the daughter of a rich family, or a daughter related to someone famous. As I said a daughter of God, jokingly, I thought of approaching the doorstep and asking for His daughter. Imagine if we could do that, how much more respect would we have for our fellow brothers and sisters if we looked like them as children of the most powerful Being in the universe. So, my message is something my Grandma Elaine told me to do, "view others in the eyes of God".

Love you all!
Elder Garff
Au Revoir Zone of Paea!  I will miss you!  Thank you for the 7 months I was there!

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