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Monday, June 6, 2016

Words Speak Louder Than Pictures (this week)

Even though Josh said that there would be no pictures, I found this one on the mission Facebook pages,  Josh mentioned that this number was Lead Kindly Light. They have been working together on this program for a while.  Strange how I recognize none of the ties Josh wears...
Words speak louder than pictures week... the computer doesn't work, so, we are doing emails on phones. Fun! But unfortunately we can't send pictures :(

This week was good though! We are just in contacting mode, just as after baptisms. You have to find more! So that's what we did this week and it went over well! We found a lot of potential that could get baptized! We'll keep trying with them!

Other than that, this week was different as we had a seventy come, Elder Coward. He gave amazing talks for our 3 sessions of stake conference, and it was awesome to hear him! See the spiritual thought!

Also, I got to see Elder Putoa again! He is going to America today, after finally getting his visa! Best of luck to him!
IF YOU ARE IN THE PROVO MTC, look out for Elder Putoa! Say "Ia ora na" for me!

Culture Shock: Culture of the mission here. It is weird to see all of my friends finishing their missions! Sister Hales, Sister Hemmert, Elder Ballard, Elder Cooper, Elder Garrett, Elder Black, Elder Peterson, Elder Ehlert, Elder Young, and many, many others! Time flies in the service of the Lord!
Funny Moment: We plan every night for 30 minutes. But, after coming home crazy exhausted, we planned in 5. Because it was all meetings planned, we just sped through everything, prayed and crashed. This is funny for returned missionaries :)
Spiritual Thought: This will go to the idea that Elder Coward shared. He said that when teaching, we need to get out of the way. Don't give an answer to a question right away. That is like giving a hungry man a fish. Rather, when someone asks a tough doctrinal question, study the doctrine together, and ask them to pray about it. This teaches a hungry man how to fish. This will provide answers, for the present moment and in the future as they have questions. Teach doctrine and invite them to act in accordance with the Spirit, don't just simply give answers.

Love you all!

Elder Garff

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