Elder Josh Garff

Monday, May 30, 2016

Baptisms and Kung Fu

The Baptism of Ernestine, Catherine and Rainui. "Awesome Experience!"  Ernestine does not have shells because she was baptized on Thursday - a few days earlier.
Well, I think I should start with the first one!

This week we had 3 baptisms! And we also lost 2 of our customers for the scripture cigarettes! Ernestine was baptized and though she had problems with smoking and the word of wisdom before, after fasting, she stopped everything in 1 day. Wow. And ever since, she has had great experiences with the Holy Ghost and will be such a strong member! Another baptism, Rainui, was a cool story too! We asked him to pray to know if the church was true, and as he prayed, he heard a voice saying "Oui". He didn't know what the voice was, so he asked again right after and heard the same voice. We didn't really give a lesson on how the Holy Ghost sounded, but, after asking him, he said it was a warm whisper. Definitely the Holy Ghost! The last baptism was Catherine. She has been taking the lessons for 28 years. Me and Elder Peel found her in January and have been teaching her 2 times a week ever since then. I don't know what changed this time, but she finally decided to get baptized! It was a remarkable experience. For weeks and months people have been telling us that she'll never change. But, 4 months later, she is baptized. There is only one person we need to listen to, and that is the Spirit of God, not the voices of others saying something is impossible.
"The Champion Giving the First Hit"

Other than that, it was sad seeing Elder Putoa leave this week. He finally got his visa and he will be in Fiji for a week, then to the MTC! Of course he had to leave for the baptisms, too bad. But, Ernestine got baptized by him on Thursday, his first baptism! So at least he got to see her baptism! I'll miss that guy, and in the future when he is winning in the Olympics, I can have claim on him as my "Premortal Life Mission Son" ha ha ha! Best of luck to him at New York!
"And Taking the Second One!  I Dropped Him With This One ha ha ha!"
(Yes, he certainly looks frightened)

Funny Moment: More Kung Fu with Benjamin! This week that has been all that we have done! It is so funny! I love Benjamin!
The Furious 5!!!!!!!
Elder McLelland = Tigris, Elder Chion-Hock = Crane, Elder Garff = Monkey,
Elder Putoa = Viper, Elder Thia = Mantis
Culture Shock: I will go with the fact that in our sector, there are churches of every major religion: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Catholic, Protestant (2 different ones), Adventist, Jehovah's Witness, and we think Sanito. Just a little different from Utah!
Spiritual Thought: Everyone can change. Simple. I don't remember who he quoted, but President Monson quoted a general who was asked with the question of why he continued to try to work with and help felons saying that they would change as soon as leopards changed their spots. The general responded: "Well, it's a good thing I'm working with men and not leopards. From what I see, leopards don't change while men change every day." Everyone can change, but the only way they can change is by the love of the Savior, which we can acquire by looking at everyone in the eyes of a parent (thank you Elder Renlund!).

Hope you all are doing well!

Elder Garff

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