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Monday, December 5, 2016

Goodbye Sweetheart, It's Time To Go

​Last zone meeting! 
Sisters: Temataua, Teahu, Sanchez, James, Durrant, Padbury, Maa, Perrut, Toyon, et Turina (not in the picture: Sisters Kelsey and Teimaiana) 
Elders: Temataua, Tautaha, Piazza, Me, Perrut, and Opuu (not in the picture Elders Rybin and Fawson).
Hey Everyone!

This week was a bitter-sweet week. We received the transfer calls and I will be leaving the zone of Raromatai after 6 months. It has been a great time and I will never forget the expériences that I had here. Today, I thought that I would just share the 3 most prominant things that I have learned here:

1. Believe in Christ. It is good to have faith in Christ and is essential. But, we need to believe in Him. That is essential. Knowing Christ can do something is important and essential. But, believing that Christ WILL do something is just as important and essential.
2. The power of Couple Missionaries. In this zone, there are two couple missionaries. The Couple Perrut and the Couple Temataua. I will never forget their influence on me. When I came, the zone needed some help, some life. And, it started with the Couple Perrut who arrived with me. They turned a branch of 20 people to a branch of 80 people thanks to reactivation and baptisms. The Couple Temataua then came to a branch of 60 people and now, there are almost 100 with the first 4 baptisms in over 2 years happening in December. The power of couple missionaries is outstanding, and I will never forget the things that they taught me through their example and their teachings.

3. The will of God. For us, we need to do our best to live the commandments and obey the will of God. If we obey, the will of God for us will be things of great importance. If we disobey, maybe we will lose out on blessings we could have had, but, if we follow the will of God for us again, we can overcome our mistakes and ultimately land our souls at the right hand of God.
Round 2! To help people get baptized, we started the spiritual cigarette business again!
My next sector will be Orofero, in the Paea stake! It is actually the neighboring ward to Maraa, my second sector!!!! So, I get to see all of my converts in Maraa again! I will be serving with Elder Nelson, and Elder Peel, an old missionary companion I had in Maraa, will be coming here! So excited for him!
​TonTon Burger! (translation: Uncle Hamburger), hard to find a good hamburger spot in Tahiti!

This week was a great week, and a week where we got close to fixing 5 baptisms for December. I hope and know Elder Piazza and Elder Peel will get it done!

Also, shout out to Elder Loamanu, one of my favorite missionaries here finished his mission! I'll miss that Elder! Also to my Sisters :) To'u Mau Tuahine Mau :)
​Don't know why I made a fish with all of my cat pictures... But, here is the creation of my time at Raromatai!

Funny Moment: This will go to all of the cat pictures. I have saved them all... And Our house is now covered in cheesy cat pictures. Got to love it!
There are 100 Ways to Love a Cat...

Culture Shock: Well, it still isn't snowing... I don't know if it will either! Rather, everything is melting with the heat!

Spiritual Thought: I already put 3 above, but I will just put them all together here. For you couples out there who can serve a mission, I would encourage you to believe in Christ and pray to know if you should serve. Then, submit to the will of God. If the answer is yes, then Go! If it is no, then stay. You don't know how many missionaries (and in turn investigators) you will bless, change, and save.

Love you all!

Elder Garff

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