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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Another Busy Week

Hey Everyone!

This week was crazy! We went all over the place and at the end, we couldn't believe that we arrived to P-Day! This week, we were able to do two splits. The first was with Elder Langomazino at Taravao, the second was with Elder Tepa, who is at Papeete. It was a great experience to serve with them and I loved it!
Congrats Kehaulani!
Biggest news this week was that we had a baptism! Her name is Kehaulani, and she was a miracle baptism. The day before I got here, her mom came up to Elder Drugeon and said that her daughter was 9 years old and not baptized. She then asked him if he could teach her! So, 9 days later, she was baptized and we are now teaching her father, who is not yet a member. Cool story there!

This week, we saw the progression of tons of people and we are excited for their progress! Elder Drugeon is doing well and it is great serving with him!
One of the best birthday gifts I have received.  Thanks for the any traps mom :)
Note from the parents:  Just to think - all those years laboring over what gifts to give... all we needed were ant traps.
Funny Moment: As you will see in the photo above, Elder Drugeon is sporting a Christmas tie. We have had the Spirit of Christmas in our hearts. But, haven't lost the vision!

Culture Shock: For all of my mission, I have been in huge sectors that have required a car or bike. For the first time, in Papeete we went on foot! I now know how the Elders in New York feel!
Not every day you can eat a Nutella Panini :)
Spiritual Thought: This week I have been thinking a lot about progression. I have had the privilege of serving in sectors that are next to my old ones. It is amazing to see the progression of everyone. Everyone started in the same position after baptism. It is only the ones that progressed with the Savior that continued to have great changes in their lives. With the Savior, we can progress. Without Him, we are stagnant.

Have a great week! Happy Chinese New Year!

Elder Garff

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