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Monday, March 27, 2017

Happy Birthday Mom!

I don't know why there is a huge gap... we really like these people!
Elder and Sister Thomsen, Sister Minnick, me and Elder Drugeon
Ia ora na tout le monde!

I need to start off by wishing my Mom a happy birthday! I hope that everyone cracks an egg on her head :) Thanks for all of your support Mom! I appreciate it and I know that each one of your kids does too!

Unfortunately I have to be short today, but, I'll try!
My Split with Elder Malca
This week we had a split with the Elders of Mahina and of Papeete. It was great to be with Elder Malca and Elder Tepa! I was again in our sector, and our investigators are doing really well!  Elder Drugeon and I also had the chance to ride in President's car which took a while, but was great!  Elder Drugeon and I have been preparing the conferences that will happen this week, and have to finalize our trainings!
A picture of Sr. Hunter's birthday cake - and a highly religious stuffed animal admiring it:)
Funny Moment: This week was Sr. Hunter's birthday! We made a great cake :) Sr. Hunter is awesome and I love working with her in the office! We sang in English and French for our Sr. Chasseur :)
This is the definition of a Spunky Postal Worker
Culture Shock: Even cat food is on sale in Tahiti.
Even cat food goes on sale in Tahiti (that's for you Dad).
Elder Drugeon and a cool cat :)
Spiritual Thought: Spiritual Impressions are important. President Bize challenged us to ask for the phone number of inactives that are coming back to church and one day, I saw the importance of it. We had a lesson with an inactive, exchanged numbers, and left. 30 minutes later, he called us, saying he got kicked out of his house and needed help. We were able to help him out and luckily, he found a home. Thanks to the impression that President Bize shared and the impression I had in the moment to take this man's number, this inactive member was able to find a home. Even if the impressions are small and we don't entirely understand them, we need to follow the Spirit! He sees the future, and He tells us what will be best for us. It is up to us to decide if we want the best, or if we want to be disobedient.

Love you all!

Elder Garff
According to Rachel's holiday calendar, Mom's birthday is Whiskey Day...
Mom Note:  Thank you for pointing this out Josh and Rachel

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