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Monday, March 6, 2017

Happy Birthday Dad!

So great to see Mark and Linda Monsen!  They stopped by in Tahiti and I was able to say hi!
Mark was a hero for me before my mission and still is today!  Definitely a highlight of the week!
Hey Everyone!

Today is my Dad's Birthday! I hope that all of you wish him a happy 28th! I think an appropriate gift would be either a rum tart or a beekeeper hat. Before my mission, I remember my Dad telling me how much he loves his beekeeping and how after retiring from selling cars, he looks forward to tending another bee farm. His Number 1 Client I am guessing will be a major cereal brand:
"It's a funny taste of honey, and an Ulsifer kind of nine, Honey Nut Cheerios!" Thanks for all you do Dad! Can't wait to see you in 10 weeks here!

This week was a good week! We were able to do a split with Raromatai and I was with one of my old companions, Elder Peel! It was great to be with him again for a day and it was so fun teaching with him! I miss those good old Maraa days! Also this week, we did transfers (which turned out well), leadership council, and training for the new missionaries! Also, great to see the Monsens! They were able to stop by this week and it was so great to see them!
Kenny was found hiding in the suckers :)  Silly Kenny, suckers are for kids!

Speaking of our sector, we just took another sector so, for the instant, we have the office and two sectors! It is pretty crazy but it is all good :) Everything is going great and our sector should be having miracles in no time!

Funny Moment: At leadership council, we all posed for a picture (which I don't have yet...). Last week, in the middle of transferts, President Bize took 3 minutes to gently scold me on my head positioning in photos. He said: "In all of your pictures, you never look at the camera straight, it is always tilted to the side!" So, when we took the photo, right before, President looked me in the eyes and made a motion with his hand as if saying "Straighten your head!" I can't wait to see the result ha ha ha!
Culture Shock: This week, I was drawn to the fact of the importance of chapel attendance. Tahiti has one of the highest rates in the world and it is cool to see the faithfulness of Tahitian members!
Spiritual Thought: This comes from a question from my Mom about the importance of the "Whisperings of the Spirit". On my mission, I have found that there are three steps. 1. Search for and be open to the Spirit. 2. Recognize and understand His direction. 3. Trust in and do the things He says. If we don't do one of those 3 things, the whisperings of the Spirit are not effective and we will never be able to accomplish the will of God. So, be open, learn to recognize, and do the things you receive from the Spirit!

Je vous aime!

Elder Garff
Not much of a contest.  We all know who wins!  Got to love Tahiti Graffiti!

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