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Monday, March 20, 2017

My Companion

Elder Thomsen, Soeur Thomsen, Vainui, Elder Drugeon, and me after Vainui's baptism!
Hey Everyone!

I asked Elder Drugeon what I needed to title my email as and he said, "My Companion". So, voila le titre :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who turned 17 on March 17, 2017. That is a lot of 17s. Thanks Gam for pointing that out :) And also to my brother King Triton! I heard that the play went really well and shout out to my brother (who, by the way, needed a costume to have muscle definition ;) Love you bro!) 
This week was great! We were able to have the baptism of Vainui and it was a great spiritual experience! She is definitely converted to the Gospel and I know that she will stay strong! A cool thing with her baptism is that we invited another couple from Utah, Elder and Sister Thomsen to come with us to the lessons! They are great teachers and we love teaching with them! In all, congrats to Vainui! 
Tahiti - Just a glimpse
...Or Two
...Or three
This week, we were also able to have splits with the Elders of Papeari and the Elders of Arue. I was with Elder Rybin and Elder Clements! It was great to be with them and to teach! Elder Clements was my companion in the MTC and we defintiely saw an improvement 22 months later ha ha ha! 
Thanks Aunt Mary!
Einstein is happy too :)
Funny Moment: Elder Drugeon at 2 in the morning asked me if the Sisters of Orofero called to leave their sector. I told him, yes, they are doing an island tour and then sailing to another island. He accepted it pretty readily, but not the next morning ;)
Culture Shock: In Tahiti, there are many things that are great. You have to love coming home and relaxing by drinking a nice cold glass of pineapple juice. That's the life :)
Another Facebook Photo.  We love this little window into life in Tahiti!
Spiritual Thought: This week, I have thought a lot about the purpose in our life. Reading The Miracle of Forgiveness has really helped me to think and to see clearly why we are here. Reading the first chapter is amazing and one of my favorite ideas is that on the earth, we are here to prepare our destiny. We must live in the present and prepare for the future. In all we do, we must ask ourselves if our activities are worthwhile and if they are approved of God. It is useless to stay in sin saying we will repent tomorrow. It is just as effective as someone saying that they will study the day after the test. I love you all, continue to aller en avant! Haere i mua!

Wish you all the best!

Elder Garff

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