Elder Josh Garff

Monday, May 23, 2016

Living On A Prayer - (And,by the way, he's halfway there!)

One Year Mark!  Josh with Elder Meyer, Sister Kelsey, Sister James, Sister Daniels and Sister Merrill
Well, I'm halfway there on Friday and I'm living on a prayer! This Friday marks my one year mark and it has flown! It is crazy to think that at this time last year, I was saying good-bye to everyone and I never would have imagined all of the things that have happened in Tahiti. What a year (as of Friday)!

Things in our sector are going well. Elder Putoa is scheduled to leave on Friday, and we'll miss him! And at the missionary concert, I had the opportunity to meet his family! It was awesome and they are all so nice! I'll miss having him around, and now have to find a new bodyguard!

Other than that, we have a lot of investigators who are progressing and we are doing all we can to help them out! Our sector is on the upward trend and it is all thanks to God and His Spirit!
"Gam and Grandma, this may be an idea for you two.  We had an investigator bring all of her grandkiss to our ward movie night.  The game we can play:  How Many Grandkids Can We Fit in the Trunk?"  

Funny Moment: Lately, Benjamin, our recent convert in February, has been getting into the "Jackie Chan" videos. He has been teaching us his moves such as: The Serpent, The Tiger, The Liger, and The Praying Mantis. Oh, Benjamin!
Happy Birthday Benjamin!
Culture Shock: Still will go to the insects and animals here. For some reason, they will not leave me alone as you will read below. It doesn't help we don't have air conditioning to keep the things out, but it's brinking on ridiculous!
"I have been dubbed "King of the Insects".  Ants got in my cereal...again, a lizard pooped on my shirt, and we found two mamma spiders with their kids chilling next to my bed.  Punks."
Spiritual Thought: I really have seen here that we need to live on prayers. We taught a Buddhist this morning who didn't really agree with the idea of praying for asking for things. He mentioned that prayers should just be of gratitude. While I agree whole-heartedly that we need to thank the Lord in all things and it isn't bad to just have a prayer of gratitude, I can't imagine not being able to ask our Heavenly Father for help in our daily lives. For me, it is impossible to go through this life without divine guidance, and if we don't ask, why on earth do we think that we'll receive? We are lucky to have a Heavenly Father who loves us and asks us to ask Him for help. So, this week, don't hesitate to pray! He's waiting to hear from you.

Je vous aime!

Elder Garff

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