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Monday, May 9, 2016

The Ants Have GOT To Stop Marching On My Things Sometime - Right?

The Ants' New Nest Location:  My Bike and Helmet
"STUPID THINGS!"  (Referring to the ants)
This week was a crazy different week! First of all, we had transfers, and I will stay in Maraa, and Elder Davis is in the Marquis! We all thought that it was a joke at first, but right after, a couple missionary called us and asked if his stuff was all ready! So, my son is out in the Marquis! My other son, Elder Putoa, will be going to New York shortly. We were told that at the latest, he will be going at the end of May. So, we'll see in the weeks to come.
Josh with Elder Putoa and Benjamin on bikes.  Benjamin is a 57 year old recent convert!  "I love this man - ha ha ha!"
Also this week, we were able to do very effective missionary work. I will tell the stories when they get accomplished, but we have been working hard to turn things around and things are finally clicking! Amazing what happens in the Lord's time! Hopefully we'll continue to be worthy of His blessings!

And definitely the best thing that happened this week was that I got to Skype my family for Mother's Day! It was great to see everyone and to say thanks to my Mom! I loved it and wish that I could have Skyped all day! Needless to say, I am looking forward to the day when I can actually talk to you and there isn't a 6 second time delay, but, for now, I love Skype! Happy Mothers' Day Mom! I hope that you liked talking to me more than you liked getting wrapped in duct tape and "ivy" ha ha ha!
The Zone just before the transfer
Funny Moment: The ants keep marching - This time all over my helmet and bike.  I really hope that these stupid things don't invade everything that I have. But I wouldn't put it past them...
Culture Shock: I'll go this week to the fact that our zone is one road. That is it. There are little branches with neighborhoods, but only one main road. So, it is easy to find houses! We either go right or left - ha ha ha!
Elders Thia, Josh, Davis, Putoa and Rybin - Just before Elder Davis Left for the Marquis
Spiritual Thought: This goes to the message that I shared with my family for Mothers' Day. For the first part of my mission, I have learned 3 main things: 1. Everyone can change if we look at them for who they can become and who they are tying to be. 2. The most important lesson that I have learned this far in my mission is the importance of the family and the temple in uniting the family for eternity. 3.  Of all the things that I left behind, there is no doubt that I miss my family the most. Seeing my Grandparents, family, and the Staker cousins made me so happy. And if I can feel that kind of joy seeing everyone after just 2 years, imagine the joy that will last after this life and for eternity.

Love you all!

Elder Garff
Now for a Walk on the Healthy Side:
Breakfast This Morning:  Apple, Spaghetti and Barbecue Sauce 

Elder Putoa is a Crepe Master - Josh will really miss him!

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