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Monday, August 8, 2016

How Not to Impress the Sister Missionaries

Ia ora na Elder Piazza!

Today I am a little pressed for time, but I'll try!

This week was awesome welcoming Elder Piazza! He is from France and it is quite a culture shock for me! When you walk in the bathroom and see it covered in products such as hair gel and deodorant, it is weird. Then, to realize that none of the 8 products are yours is even weirder ha ha ha! But, we are doing awesome and with him, we have really picked up the missionary work here! I am excited to serve with him these next few weeks!
Family Night with the coolest family in Raiatea!!!
This week we also had a lot of success with the members. We are in a sector right now that hasn't seen the missionaries for ages. As we went, we helped them all out, made awesome friends, and received 14 member references last week! Talk about a people who are excited to do missionary work!

In all, things are going well. I am loving the work at Raromatai and I love all of the missionaries in my zone and district! We are really starting to pick up the work and all is becoming bright with the aid of our Heavenly Father!
Sorry Sister James:)
Funny moment: I love pinning people in with cars, as seen with a Sister from my MTC promotion, Sister James :)

Sappy Birthday Elder Piazza!  I hope you liked the egg I cracked on your head:)
Culture Shock: A tradition in France is to slam an egg on the head of a person on their birthday. I am not that mean, so I cracked an egg on the head of Elder Piazza for his birthday (which was actually the same day as Elder Paulsen's birthday!)
Spiritual Thought: I have been thinking recently about faith. It is the smallest but most powerful spiritual building block that we can have in our lives. If we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we can grow a tree of life. If we have enough faith, all is possible. But, there are 2 catches. Moroni 7:33, we have to do it with the intents of Christ in mind, not for our personal desires. The second, we have to be patient. The mustard seed became something great, but wasn't something great at once. Even with miracles in our lives, we have to continue to be patient. For the mustard seed and our seed of faith to reach our maximum potential, we must wait and continue to nourish the seed (see Alma 32:39-41)

Have Faith, Be Believing, and Go Forth!

Elder Garff

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