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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Life of Beach, Skype, Repentance, and Mea

Got to Love the Beach huh?!
Well, that just about sums up my week!

We started by having a P-Day with the district, which turned out to be really fun! We visited an old Marae (old sacrificial site for the ancient Tahitian gods) and found a lot of fun stuff :) After, we just chilled at the beach and stood in the ocean!
At the sacrificial site, we found this rock, which was probably a person who was not too happy to be sacrificed...
After, we had 2 days of busy missionary work, followed by the leadership counsel! It was great, but, because we are on the outer island, we have to Skype every other month. This month was Skype month and while it was hard to hear and we cut out several times (once while giving a report), it was fun! And below, there is an accurate description of how it went!
This is the Leadership Council meeting room.  Everyone was in 1 room and we skyped, so, as represented by the board, everyone was together and we were just a little square on the bottom right of  their screen. Ha, ha, ha!
The rest of the week was full of work, and the best part was when Manihi and DMP (both over 57) went with us and took the charge. It was as if they were the missionaries and Elder Piazza and I were the Member Integrateurs! It was hilarious to see them whipping out scriptures and discussing in Tahitian. Elder Piazza and I couldn't understand all of it, but, they did their work well ha ha ha!

This week was a great week, I hope that it was great in Utah! Shout out to all of my friends getting married! It is weird to see you all married... I can't even go on dates here ha ha ha! And even if I could, President Bize always puts me with companions that the women here find more attractive than I am :)
Not a Bad Place to do Studies huh?!
Funny Moment: Will definitely go to the moment where we were looking for a house. We went to a woman who tried to explain, and was visably frustrated that we didn't understand where she was explaining. After talking with her husband, she came out, looked me directly in the eyes, and said: "Tu vois chez mea"??? (Translation: "Do you know where "thing" lives?"). Uh NO! It took all that me and Elder Piazza had to not bust out laughing!

Culture Shock: The Tahitian word "Mea" means "thing" in English. And Tahitians use it all the time! It is pretty hilarious to hear people asking me if I know "mea" or if I can move the "mea". It is difficult to explain in email, but it is the most hilarious thing to experience!
For My Sister - Another Sunset in Tahiti
Spiritual Thought: Just a little mea, but, this week I have been pondering about the principle of faith. Faith is the smallest of the Gospel principles but is the most powerful. For all of us, there are times that we think our faith is sufficient. Then, there are some moments where we can use our faith but, we doubt, and don't use it. With faith, there is never a point that we can stop acquiring faith on this earth. All of us, no matter what age, what position in the world or church, or how many accolades we have, need faith and need to keep adding to our faith. So, go forth and obtain faith sufficient enough to do all things requisite in Christ!

E mea tia roa ia tatarahapa ia outou!!!!

Elder Garff
It's not every day you find a lizard on your chair at church, but it is often the case.
Bet you'll look next time...
How we did our emailing today - we rented out the chapel:)
Elder Piazza calling the congregation to repentance - Not staged at all...

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