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Monday, August 22, 2016

While You Take the School Bus, We Take the School Boat!

A Tahitian Sunrise - the same sunrise the students on Tahaa see every day as they go to school at Raiatea.
Hey Everyone!

I hope that this week was a great first week of school for you! If you haven't started school, I hope that this week was a fun last week before school :)

This week was crazy. This week, we had a split at Tahaa. For those who don't know Polynesian geography (I don't blame you), but there are 3 islands in our zone. Raiatea (where we serve) is a 20 minute boat ride from Tahaa. So, to do a split, Elder Piazza and I took the boat to Tahaa! It was awesome and I was with Elder Taoutaha!
Split to Tahaa via boat :)
Other than the split, we had a lot of lessons with members this week which is a big change. People are asking to come with us to our lessons and are excited to do missionary work! It is fun, but tiring too! For example, we should be having 6-7 splits with members! A split for every day!

And that wraps up this week. We were crazy busy, but we still had lots of fun!

Josh as Elder Piazza's barber.  "The first time I gave a hair cut, and probably the last time I will be trusted with cutting hair!"
Funny Moment: Will have to go to cutting Elder Piazza's hair. I had no clue what I was doing, and I hope it is OK ha ha ha! My first time, and probably my last time cutting hair!

Culture Shock: Always fun when you see students pilling in a boat to go to school on a different island.
This is how the kids at Tahaa get to school.  We take buses in America, they take boats!
Spiritual Thought: This week was a week where I thought a lot about the power of members. There was one time that me and Elder Piazza contacted an inactive house and were shunned and ignored. But, as we went on a split later in the day with the High Priest President, we went to the same house and were warmly welcomed. We were astounded at the efficiency of missionary work with the members. So, my challenge for all of you is to work with the missionaries in your ward. Invite them to dinner, show them people who are interested in the gospel, do splits with them, and just be their friends! Don't just pray for the missionaries in the world, but pray, then answer your prayers by helping them out! The members work here often with us, I hope that at home it is the same!

Hope you are doing well! AND GO UTES!!!

Elder Garff
Josh alongside the 120 (You can only guess why they call it that).

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