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Monday, August 1, 2016

A Week of Goodbyes

You just can't beat a Tahitian Sunset
Well, this week had a lot of goodbyes in it!

First off, CONGRATS TO MY SISTER KATIE WHO IS GOING TO BOLIVIA!!!!! I can't wait to hear how she is doing and can't wait to still be better than her in Spanish when she gets back :) (I say this in all humility)

Second off, for Elder Paulsen, we had a surprise transfer and he is leaving! After 5 weeks we thought he was staying another transfer, but alas, he is gone, and being replaced by Elder Piazza. My first Frenchie :D I heard that he is really great and we'll see today at 5! Definitely sad to see Elder Paulsen go, but, I am excited to be with Elder Piazza and am excited for this next transfer!
Bye Elder Paulsen.  Picture with the Bishop and his Family
I lost the transfer bet, so I had to buy Elder Paulsen brownies
In our sector, we have slowly been improving and we are doing well right now! We are having a lot of member support and all of the members love messing with us, rightfully so, because we mess with them too ha ha ha! I am loving it here in Raiatea and am pumped to be spending a few more weeks here! Awesome!

Other than that, everything is going good. And I can't wait to get all of the emails, especially from my family saying that school is starting. For one more year, I get to enjoy paradise while you enjoy the 8 hours in school ;)
Service Project with the Copara
Funny Moment: While doing a service project, I had an axe and I was splitting coconuts for the Copara. But, when I split one, smoke came out. I didn't know what this meant and hoped it was a sign of my muscle power. But, it turns out it was rotten, and I smelled the worst smell of my life. UGH!

Culture Shock: After a service project, we were served a mega hot dog! It was awesome ha ha ha! French bread, American hot dogs, and Tahitian pineapple juice. You've got to love it!
What an Awesome Hot Dog ha ha ha!  You won't see these in America!
Spiritual Thought: In Mosiah 2:17 we can read that as we are in the service of our fellow beings, we are in the service of our God. For all of us, this means that every time we serve someone, we are actually serving God. What an amazing concept! I never really understood this until I looked at my life through the eyes of my parents here and spiritually. But, as we have kids of our own, I can't wait to thank someone who served one of my kids. The service that someone gives to my children will be ultimately more than the service anyone could do for me. So, how can we please God the most? We look outside of ourselves and get to work serving His Children.

Love you all, And Good Luck Bubs in Bolivia!!!

Elder Garff

Pineapple Filled Tart. Awesome.  Every Friday I have to get one of these:)

Pretty Cool Contrast!  A sunny landscape in front and a somber background.
Another (less attractive) Contrast

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