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Monday, February 13, 2017

Marriage and Conference

After a service project, I was cleaned off by a powerhose. That was a once in a lifetime experience :)
Hey Everyone!

This week was great! We had several multizone conferences and it was great assisting all 4 of them! It was great to hear from President and Sister Bize and it was amazing to see how the Spirit worked in each conference according to the needs of everyone! It was centered on following the Spirit and how to use the Book of Mormon. It is amazing how important the two are in missionary work and how much we need to rely on them as missionaries, and as members of the church! 

This week, we were also able to visit Raiatea! It was great to see some of my old investigators and some of the converts that were baptized after I left! I love the island of Raiatea!!! 
​ Lea! She was an eternal investigator who found the courage to be baptized a few weeks ago!
Super great to see her as a member! 

Because of the conferences, we were rarely in our area, but, we were able to witness the marriage of Tony and Romina! They are two investigators that aren't yet baptized, but took a great step with their marriage!
Mariage of Tony and Romina! It was a great experience!

And last week I forgot but, Happy Birthday Sydney!!! For those who don't know, Sydney is my cousin who just finished her mission in Alabama! She was a great missionary and loves to dance in libraries, so, if you see her in a library, ask for a dance!
Is this the forbidden fruit? (Hinano is the local beer here!) 
Funny Moment: We found the forbidden fruit this week in Raiatea... Who knew that beer grew on trees?
Culture Shock: As this week is Valentines Day, I will dedicate the culture shock to this holiday. We were at a couples night (to eat dinner) and I realized that everyone there either was married or was engaged... Except for me :) I think this Valentine's Day will be a little lonely :) Good thing I am "engaged" in the work of the Lord!
Spiritual Thought: As I was thinking today, I meditated on the thought that "perfect love casts out all fear". Perfect love is literally the solution for all of our fears! If we have fears of failing, fear from sin, fear of man, fear of anything, we just need to develop love! As for this, there is a quote from C.S. Lewis which talks about how we can best develop our love. He said: "Either you can question, worry, and fret asking yourself if you have charity (or love); or, you can go out and have charity (or love)". The best way to develop love is to love. Stop overthinking the process, and just love!
I don't think I can acurately describe why this is funny. But, I created a cereal with a camel as the mascot. Elder Anderson, an Elder who lives with us, has a camel that we hide throughout the house. If you find the camel, you have to hide it in a different place. His name is Rick :) Pictures next week!
Ua here vau ia outou!

Elder Garff

I guess this guy wasn't stealing. It was an "8+2" deal. Meaning the 2 pens were added for free. So, logically, they opened the package and took the 2 free pens!

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