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Monday, February 20, 2017

When you do that, you must have inspiration...

Tony, Romina, the member integrators, and all the kids!
You have got to imagine how crazy our lessons are with everyone ha ha ha!
Hey Everyone!

This week was a crazy week! I have seen the marriage announcements of 5 of my friends, and it is pretty crazy. I didn't know that love was in the air in America! At this rate, I think the whole world will be married by the time I get back!

As for missionary work, it is great! We had 2 baptisms this week! Tony and Romina came up to Elder Drugeon, 1 week before I got here, and said they were ready to be baptized and choose their marraige date! It wasn't the easiest road, but they both made it and they are doing great! Their kids are not the calmest, but they are fantastic all the same :) 
So, Rick (the camel that we are hiding)...ended up hiding in my pineapple juice!  Silly Rick, pineapple juice is for Elders!

For other news, we have started the transfers with President Bize, see below, and it is really cool! I love seeing things from this side of the transfer! There is a lot of strategy that goes on and it is amazing to see how President Bize works! 

Funny Moment: Me and Elder Drugeon did all of the transfers and worked on them for 3 hours. We showed our work to President Bize who looked at our efforts and said "Quand tu fais ├ža, il faut faire avec l'inspiration." (Translation: When you do this, you need to do it with inspiration!). It was one of the funniest moments of my mission! Got to love President Bize! 
Elder Anderson and Elder Drugeon tried a Tim Tam Double Share, didn't really work...
Culture Shock:
Spiritual Thought: Elder Drugeon and I had the chance to teach an old couple, the Couple Tihopu, how to use technology. I never thought I would be teaching someone in Tahitian how to use a computer mouse! Sometimes it was crazy frustrating and we definitely developed our patience, but, at the end, I had a moment I'll never forget. This old couple, after 2 3-hour sessions, smiled at me and Elder Drugeon and in one of the sweetest voices, they thanked us for our work and expressed how excited they were to serve the Lord. In our lives, I am sure that God is over our shoulder knowing perfectly well how we should live our lives, but, lets us live them. Like the couple Tihopu, I would hope that after my life, I could look in His eyes and with pure gratitude thank Him for His patience and for His help. 

Love you all!

Elder Garff

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