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Monday, February 27, 2017

Transfer Week!

Josh at the airport - sending off missionaries and welcoming the new missionaries

Our wonderful friends, Mark and Linda Monsen saw Josh on their recent visit to Tahiti
Ia ora na Outou!

This week is a little crazy as we have transfers! So we are constantly running in and out of the office! But, this week was really cool! We had Bishop Caussé (Bishop in the Presiding Bishopric) come down and he had a conference with all of the missionaries! It was great to hear from a leader in the church, that was French too! There wasn't the awkward pause for the translation, and it was great (see more on the bottom). 

Our late Valentine's Day
Mom note: this package was sent months ago. 
I am glad he has learned to celebrate holidays whenever they arrive.
Also this week, it was amazing to do the transfers. It was great to see the Spirit working and to see the inspiration that President Bize received. He found several changes that Elder Drugeon and I didn't think about. It was a real testimony for me to see that God knows what He is doing when He calls a Mission President. "All is done in the wisdom of Him that knows all". I also received a testimony that every missionary is transfered or stays in their sector for a reason. For those who think it is a random process, it is not in the slightest. It took us 5 days to do, and after a lot of consideration, the changes were made. So cool!

Other than that, everything is going good! We are going with the missionaries that will finish their missions and it is crazy to think in 12 weeks it will be me at the airport! I can't wait to see you all, but, can't wait to get back to work here!
Kenny, Windsor, Rich, Gus and Chloe.  The Dream Team
Funny Moment: Elder Drugeon took his stuffed animal (Kenny) and took pictures with it everywhere! During transfers, during the conferences, it was pretty great! (All without being seen too!)
Culture Shock: Always a great week when you buy 13 liters of juice and a box of chocolate biscuts! (Looks like I'll have to hit the gym and P90X when I get back...)
Our fridge was happy with 13 liters of juice :)
Spiritual Thought: I have 2 this week. The first comes from Bishop Caussé who told us about the Temple in Paris. They searched for a sight for the temple for a long time and during one of the propositions, the political group did an analysis. They said: "This church is the closest church to the church of Christ". Bishop Caussé inside of himself wanted to say "This church isn't the closest church to the church of Christ. IT IS THE CHURCH OF CHRIST". Really cool! 
The other one was we read the baptism of Christ in Tahitian. We are used to the phrase "This is My Beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased". In Tahitian, it translates to "This is My Beloved Son and I thank Him". What a cool translation! Heavenly Father thanked Christ for His example, of course, but, He also thanked Christ for fulfilling the conditions for Christ personally to enter into the Celestial Kingdom. 

Love you!

Elder Garff

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